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Prison Reform Topic Paper. Submitted By: Toni Nielson - CSU, Fullerton. Unique Educational Opportunities. "Prisons are closed institutions. They are established and funded by governments to hold people against their will", but why punish (Zyl Smit, 2010)? What is the purpose of prison? This fundamental question stirs up
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prison reform essaysIn this assignment my classmates and I were instructed to write a reaction paper. We were instructed to react to an article entitled 'Why Prisons Don't Work', written by a Wilbert Rideau, a convicted murderer who is currently living in Louisiana State Penitentiar.
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We ask prison reformers, victims' advocates and criminal justice policy advisors to think about the role of prison in American society. Are all prisoners entitled to programs aimed at reform?
This essay opens with a discourse of what prisons are in general, looks at analysis and evaluation made by scholars, criminologists, and sociologists on potency of ... Regardless of best efforts made by Correctional institutions to reform the prisoners, there has been constant debate both in favour and effectiveness of prison.
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By the 19th century, England's prison systems had expanded to include felons and juveniles. The prison set up continued to be deplorable. Jails were filthy and dark and no separation of inmates were maintained. By mid the 1800s, an important reform began to take place in the English prison systems. This reform saw the

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